Join David, his step sister, Rex, and her friends on a ghost hunting adventure. Explore an abandoned mall filled with spooks as they try to uncover the incident that caused it to be shut down in the first place.​

Thread Updated: 2022-11-18
Release Date: 2022-11-17
Developer: Kuga_Maru PatreonSubscribeStartwitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.002b
OS: Windows, Linux,
Language: English

Point and click adventure, sandbox, supernatural, voyeurism,
Future: monster girls, demons, harem, lesbian, bdsm, male domination, female domination


1. Extract and run.


-bugfix: Removing item wipes inventory. Was unable to replicate so hopeful fix works.
-bugfix: exception error when removing item.
-bugfix: exception error when changing resolution on android. removed resolutions
-bugfix: start buttons gets lost when back and forth to prefs menu.
-bugfix: rollback not working properly. Removed for now.

-fixed glitchwhere you could still click on computers when dialogue was up.
-fixed glitch with items not disappearing when removed.
-fixed glitch with start button appearing in load menu.

-4 new backgrounds
-Two new characters
-2 new CG
-4 new Items
-2 new events
-4 new ‘cutout graphics’
-Couple spelling fixes
-reworked the inventory/tool system
-Anomalies can be recorded with the scanner

-Rollback added
-Name input added
-End of Demo notification added
-Plot reworked so you help all girls set up the cameras instead of picking one.
-Keyboard funtion H hides dialogue now
-Fonts changed to be more readable.

-items are auto use now
-bug fixed where you could still click on the bottom bar even when it was hidden in some rooms.
-bug fix for the log. Seems to work now… fingers cross.
-bug where copies of the mouse were on the black dead zone fixed.
-moved arrows so they arn’t blocked by the bottom tab.
-various grammer issues and spelling mistakes.
Initial Release
5 new locations + 1 edit of location.
3 new girls
4 new CG

Developer Notes:

Current version is free for everyone.
Working on mac build.
Experimental Android build

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